Florian, from EGERI to Women Management !

Finalist of the 2018 edition, Florian, 15, has left no one indifferent. His community of followers is constantly increasing (@ flrn972) since his adventure at EGERI, he was very quickly offered to enter prestigious Parisian model agencies. His choice finally turned to Women Management, at the chance of a meeting where he accompanied Loli, our 2019 winner.

It was at Gare de Lyon that our team found our great winner Loli. And what a surprise to see that she was not alone that day! Indeed, it is with our finalist Florian that she wished to go to the agency Women Management. They have indeed a beautiful friendship since the final.

First male model to sign in a famous agency until now only for women

It is in the 9th district of Paris that our team is heading to meet the representatives of Women. Passionate about the almost magical story of our grand 2018 winner during the contest and with whom they decide to sign a contract, their eyes are turning towards Florian. A member of the Women’s team, leaning against the window, warned her colleague about the potential of our finalist.

It will not take more for the team of Women proposes to Florian to make some polaroids in order to integrate their agency. The crush is immediate. Even though many other agencies were interested in his profile since the final, he decided to sign at Women and made a real event in the world of French modeling.

By signing with Women on November 21st, 2018, the day of his 16th birthday, Florian officially became the first man in France to be part of a large agency, which until now has been exclusively feminine !