Create your model portfolio, the key to success !

After you photo shoot during the selection step, we offer you the possibility to get all the photos of the shoot for the preferential rate of 86€ (this option is offered the same day after the photo shoot), excluding registration fees. Our photographs are adapted to the expectations of professionals. This exceptional offer is only valid for EGERI TOUR candidates. We explain it all to you!

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced model, having a photo book is nowadays essential to succeed in the fashion and modelling world. A real business card for the model, your book represents you and should make professionals want to work with you. Regularly updated, it must imperatively be composed of quality photographs.

Photographers’ rates are often not very affordable
Creating a photo book can be very expensive when you use individual photographers. With prices starting at around 300 euros and going up to 1500 euros and more (costs of renting the photo studio, remuneration of the photographer, retouching, the presence of make-up artists and hairdressers, stylists or even the depreciation of the professional equipment used during the photo shoot), this can very quickly be a financial brake for many potential models and not encourage them to try to break into this field.

With EGERI, create your professional portfolio for only 86€.
With EGERI, you have the opportunity to benefit from such a photo shoot in similar conditions. You will be able to leave with a large choice of high definition photos, and from different angles, for only 86€, excluding registration fees. You will now have everything you need to build up your photo portfolio and get yourself noticed. If you already have a portfolio, these new photos will allow you to update it.

Your portfolio online for 1 year on the EGERI website
At the end of the first selection day, you will have the opportunity to leave with all the photos of your shooting on a USB key. These photos belong to you. Therefore, you should use them as much as possible in order to give yourself the best chance. In July, we will create your online portfolio on the website with up to 5 photos of you from different angles. Your profile will be visible for 1 year to fashion professionals who are constantly looking for new faces.

Instagram, the new hunting ground for model agencies
Choose the best shots from the shoot and put them online on social networks including Instagram, it’s also an additional way to get yourself noticed. Many models have been contacted through this channel in recent years. Don’t hesitate to add the right hashtag to increase your chances of being spotted #egeritour #becomeamodel #newface #portrait #fashion #fashionphotography #shooting #photoshoot

Now you have all the tools you need to succeed!