EGERI TOUR, a unique experience

Throughout the contest, you will meet fashion professionals who will advise you, test you and offer you the best tools to succeed in this environment. It is also an opportunity for you to make your professional model portfolio and gain visibility in order to get you noticed by a modeling agency.

Launched in 2015, EGERI TOUR is an international model competition in five European countries: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands. Everyone has his chance. This contest aims to bring out new faces, from 14 to 29 years, in the world of fashion and modeling. EGERI TOUR works closely with several prestigious international modeling agencies, which each year sign contracts with many contestants. Why not you ?

Get advice from fashion professionals
Several model scouts form the EGERI TOUR team. Their role is to guide you, answer all your questions and help you prepare the day of your selection. They are at your side for the duration of the contest. “My role is to scout new faces. I then bring them clothing tips for the selection as well as practical information about next steps and the fashion world. Some are afraid to get started because they have no experience, but we are here to reassure and motivate them ” Cathy, member of the EGERI TOUR team.

A shoot to build your professional model portfolio
Each candidate scouted has the opportunity to have a personalized photo shoot. “It was the first time I did photos in the studio. I was a little scared, but the photographer was great and made me comfortable by giving me all the advice to put it right. The photos are amazing! » Manon,  candidate for Paris 2018 edition. After this shooting, you will have the opportunity to buy all the photos to build your own model portfolio.

Gain visibility to be scouted by agencies
By participating in EGERI TOUR, you not only live a fun and unique experience, but you will especially have the opportunity to have high visibility with fashion professionals who may be interested in your profile. After the first step, you can already visit agencies with your new model portfolio while posting your best snapshots on Instagram, the social network where many models have been spotted.

Whatever steps you take, there is always a before, a during and an after EGERI TOUR. Your profile is posted on our website in July and sent to our model agencies network. It will be visible for one year by all fashion professionals who regularly look for new faces to integrate their agencies and represent brands.

You now know everything about the contest. You are ready to experience the EGERI TOUR!