Loli and Rodney: throwback to a success story!

They won the 2018 edition of the EGERI TOUR International Model Contest and are already starting a promising career in modeling. Yet all of this could never have existed. Our two big winners have a path for the least atypical. Here is their incredible story EGERI.

Before winning the contest, Loli was a shy girl, uncomfortable with heels, with a “streetwear” style. She found herself participating in a model contest, it must be said, to her surprise.

For Loli, chance always makes things right

Only sixteen years old, the story that connects Loli with EGERI TOUR is, to say the least, singular. To be honest, Loli did not aim to win the contest, or even to participate in it. During a day of selection in Lyon, she comes to accompany a very good friend of hers who participates in the contest. Upon his arrival, Loli is spotted in the corridors. Intrigued by the girl, they ask her if she is a candidate. Understanding that no, they then proposed to participate in the selection and make his photo portfolio.

Very quickly, things are chained for the young candidate. Recontacted to come to participate in the semifinal in Lyon, she will learn a few weeks later that she is selected to participate in the grand finale in Paris.

Following her victory in October 2018, Loli has been coveted by numerous agencies. Her choice finally fell on the agency Women with whom she is now in contract.

Struck by his destiny, Rodney, model despite himself

If he had ever been told that he would become an international model, he would never have believed it. Rodney’s story is just as amazing as Loli’s. Our future winner was spotted by our teams on a social network thanks to his photos published on an account belonging in fact to … his father! The latter had taken the game and liked to publish pictures of his son without thinking for a moment that he can one day be identified and become a model. Rodney finally agreed to come and try his luck during our selection in Groningen in the Netherlands.

His EGERI TOUR adventure nearly ended before he started. As soon as he arrived at the scene of the selection, Rodney initially thought to go home because he found the level of candidates too high for him. However, in the first stage, he will make a strong impression on the jury. Very soon, he will join the semifinal in Amsterdam and the grand finale in Paris.

Of a discreet nature, the young man of 19 years seduced by the modernity of his profile, but also by his kindness and his humor. Much appreciated by the other candidates in the final, he captivated the members of the jury during the parade. It is currently being negotiated with agencies for an imminent signature.

Loli and Rodney are a strong and complementary pair of winners. They knew how to bind a sincere friendship despite the language barrier and lived an unforgettable trip to Marrakech.