A wonderful trip for the EGERI winners

Each year, the Ultimate Step of the contest takes place in Paris. This is an opportunity to experience an incredible day that ends with the announcement of the two grand prize winners. The two winners receive a trip to create a professional photo book with fashion photographers.

An unforgettable experience 
After months of scouring European cities and countries for the new faces, June sees the announcement of the candidates who have qualified for the Final Stage. They will have the chance to live an experience in Paris that will mark them forever.

Participating in the Ultimate Stage is above all a human adventure. Each year, the qualified candidates form a real family and create a friendship that goes beyond borders. They will experience unforgettable moments together.

Win a trip abroad 
New York in 2017 for Romane and Victor, Marrakech in 2018 for Loli and Rodney and La Réunion for the winners of the 2019, 2020 and 2021 editions, years marked by the health crisis. Each winner of the EGERI TOUR competition has the chance to win an incredible trip after their victory. This is an opportunity for them to get away from it all but also to continue the adventure. They are accompanied by our team of photographers and create an exceptional photo book.

They participated without ever thinking they could reach the Final Stage and win the competition. If they did, why not you? Maybe you can become the next winners of the competition. See you in our next selection!